Friday, April 16, 2010

This is Refreshing!

Now comes Ms. Patty Fisher, a columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, who set out lately to write the usual treatise on the virtues of life without plastic. This because the local county solons had begun the move toward banning plastic bags. But a funny thing happened. Ms. Fisher seems to be an intellectually honest journalist, so she felt it proper to try telling both sides of the story.

The resulting column focuses not so much on the virtue of saving us all from death-by-plastic, as on the intriguing arguments found at The web site is sponsored by an industry group commercially interested in plastic bags, and is guided by Mr. Stephen Joseph, who turns out not to be your generic Industry Advocate from central casting. He's actually an environmentalist with a good record on "green" issues who happens to believe that plastic bags have been subjected to an unfair rap - and he has the arguments to prove it.

Rather than replicating Mr. Joseph's information here, I'll just suggest that you click on the link to his site and enjoy some fresh thinking on the plastic bag question. It's especially vital for you to do so if you happen to reside in one of the increasingly common jurisdictions where efforts are in process to ban plastic single-use bags. It will give you the arguments you'll need to resist the ban advocates with their own logic.

And, kudos to the Mercury News' Ms. Fisher for her open mindedness and willingness to speak truth rather than parroting the conventional wisdom of the day. She still believes that the days of single-use bags are numbered, but she declines to condemn plastic bags reflexively - good for her!

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